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Okay, finally, after nearly 20 years, these pieces of artwork have found there way to the internet! The impetus of getting this collection online was the 2006 Kawaii Kon, where I just recently purchased more original artwork. This triggered a vague memory of 'hey, I know I have some more, somewhere' - so after a bit of searching, I found them! Please enjoy!

 Omaha - everyone should dance [2004]

 Stan Sakai - Usagi [2005]

 Stan Sakai - Tomoe & Lizard [2005]

 Stan Sakai - Dragon, print 24/150 [1988]

 Stan Sakai - Usagi and Mariko [1987]

 Stan Sakai - Usagi Yojimbo, print 53/150 [1986]

 Stan Sakai - Usagi & Tomoe [1986]

 Reed Waller & Kate Worley - Omaha Print [pg-13]

 Bill Sienkiewicz - Illyana Rasputin / Magik

 Dennis Fujitake - Dalgoda

 Mike Mignola - Rocket Raccoon

Curator: buma
Gallery Created: 5/3/2003

Presentation 8.40/10   Collection 8.38/10   Overall 8.48/10   Votes 23 votes
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