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Okay, I must admit, this wasn't my original idea to start off with - I just sort of ran with it. One day while browsing the ComicsArtFan site, I saw another collector's section of original art from various comic book artists all drawing the same character - Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo. Well, I just thought it was a great idea, but I wanted to try something a little closer to home for me, so I chose the character that made me start collecting cels: Priss Asagiri from Bubblegum Crisis.

So, I approached various artist, both local to my area and from the internet, to draw Priss in their own styles with the following guidelines:
1. the drawing must be of Priss and her face must show - the rest I've left to the artist's discretion.
2. Commission must be drawn on 'traditional' media (acid free paper or board, pencils, pens, copic markers, etc etc).
3. it must not be a direct copy of another existing image (i.e. fancel type of art - as that's not the goal of this idea)
4. no hentai!! (artistic nudity okay, sexy is okay, cheesecake is okay, but just no sexual nudity or overly enlarged anatomy).

If anyone is interested in contributing to this project of mine, please use the gallery feedback to contact me
Need references images? You can download reference images at the following links:
2040 [new] Priss reference images
2032 [original] Priss reference images

 amanda - haunting priss

 arie - final color

 barachan / rose - awa

 b. angel - final color

 beth z - 'Need for Speed'

 brandon - awa sketch

 brian - rough sketch

 buuzen - final

 buzen - final

 buuzen - finished sketch

 Cathy - monochrome

 Cathy - color

 coey - awa

 christy - 'quickie' sketch

 clyde - final

 Clyde - relaxing Priss

 d.j. kirkland - awa

 Jason - pinup

 Dawn - final

 erin - final

 heidi - awa

 james - awa

 jodi tong - awa

 matt - awa
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