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always looking for bubblegum crisis cels (either from the original OAV's - 2031 Crisis or 2032 Crash - or the TV series 2040 - and the new 2041 when it comes out). if you have any of there and want to trade/sell/etc them, contact me and maybe we can work something out!


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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Bubblegum Crisis 2040 - Misc
Linna - need a nice shot of her as she is the only character not well represented in my collection with a good image High
Nene - Why not? A few more can't hurt... High
Priss on or near her motorcycle - especially riding - from any of the series High
Sylia - still looking for another few cels of her too High
the girls in their hardsuits - I haven't seen a lot of them but I know they are out there. Would especially like to get one of Sylia with her forearm blade extended... High
Leon & Daily - I've already got one in the works, but a few more of the 'men of ADP' wouldn't be too bad... Medium
Mackie - him too. might as well to get the 'complete' set, ne? Medium
Nigel Kirkland - well, i might as well get one of him. would like to get one in his workshop, but who knows what will turn up... Medium

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